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Ukulele Lessons

The ukulele is a perfect instrument for kids and a great first instrument for adults wanting to jump right in to making music. The uke is great for small hands and is a sweet sounding instrument. It's actually hard to make bad sounds on it. Pull out a uke and it puts a smile on people's faces. I'm not much of a uke player but I can get you started playing kids songs in no time flat. You can learn simple songs for kids on the ukulele in just a couple of minutes. I'll show you a one finger chord and a three finger chord. Add a two finger chord and you will be able to play %90 of all the songs for kids ever written. (All in the same key mind you). So I will get you started playing simple songs for kids and then you can take your uke playing as far as you like.

Video Ukulele Lessons for Kids and Parents by Victor Johnson

#1 Tuning the Ukulele- G-C-E-A are the string names. To remember I use Good, Children, Embody, Aloha
#2 C chord and first song- Learn to play the "C" chord and the kids song "Where is thumbkin?"
#3 G chord- Learn the "G" chord on the ukulele
#4 C to G chord change- Learn to change between the "C" and "G" chords which allows you to play dozens of songs for kids
Itsy bitsy spider- A favorite song for kids on the uke that anyone can play
Wheels on the bus- Another classic kids song on the ukulele
Skip to my Lou- A great simple song for kids on the uke

If you would like all the lessons and songs in one place and away from technology, you can order Ukulele for Parents and Kids. It has a color photocopied cover and a CD-R so it's not super pro but the material is great.

Victor Johnson: Ukulele For Parents and Kids

Ukulele For Parents and Kids

Learning to play the Ukulele is as 1-2-3. A one finger chord, a two finger chord and a three finger chord and you have what you need to play dozens of the most popular kid songs ever. Easy one chord songs will have you playing instantly!