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Free teaching songs downloads

Free teaching songs to download and share with your friends, students and classmates. Music is a powerful way to learn and retain information. These teaching songs help with counting, math, history and other subjects. These downloads are for personal and classroom use only. Commercial projects need my permission first. To download to your computer, right click and "save link as." Enjoy the songs!

Purchasing songs allows new projects and helps me support my family. No money, no problem, just read the short post at the bottom. Thanks!

Counting songs

Free teaching song #1 Ten little Cowboys- Learn to count to 10 with this teaching song. The second half is a little silly but it fits with the guitar part.

Free teaching song #2 Twenty Little Hula Girls- Learn to count to 20 with this teaching song.

Teaching song video- Skip counting by 5's- Learn to skip count by 5's and the 5 times table in a song. Get 19 multiplication and skip counting songs for only $7.99 at CD Baby!

Math songs

Free teaching song #3 "Skip counting by 4"- Learn to skip count by four with this song about 4 leaf clovers. Whole album download for only $7.99 at CD Baby!

Free teaching song #4 "Zero Times Table"- Zero times multiplication song. Download the whole album for only $7.99 at CD Baby!

Character building songs

Free teaching song #5 "Character"- Title track from the album "Character Songs". Teach kids about character for only $5.99 at CD Baby!

Misc. Teaching Songs

Free teaching song #6 "Shapes"- A simple teaching song for learning the different shapes

History Songs

Teaching song Video Link of "The Presidents Song"- A song for learning the US Presidents in order of term from Washington to Obama

Short article on supporting artists

10 ways to support musicians, 8 won’t cost you a dime.