Musician/ Writer/ Philosopher/ Traveler

Currently living in the Columbia River Gorge area of Oregon in the Pacific Northwest USA.

I play with sound and ideas, explore and share what I create and learn

Current projects include:

Writing, performing and producing music for kids and families.

Writing and publishing educational songs.

Publisher of Songs for a website of lyrics, chords and video lessons for learning and playing music for and with kids.

Developing my philosophy of Musical Consciousness or how to see the world in musical ways.

Creating spaces in cool places to vacation in The Columbia River Gorge, Sunriver and the Oregon Coast.

Irish music tours. Taking people to Ireland to see the sights during the day and catch amazing music every night.

Experimenting with health, play, happiness and lifestyle design.

Learning fiddle, mandolin, vocal harmony, kit and hand drumming.

Traveling and playing in as many countries as possible. 18 so far (3 continents) Just getting started!